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Energy Efficient
Efficient Transmission
Superior Air Quality
Bulk Water Free
Durable & Reliable
Safety & Interlocks
Elgi has been constantly upgrading the design and manufacture of airends, under a joint technology agreement with the Centre for Positive Displacement Compressors at City University, London. Currently, ELGI airends are among the most reliable and energy-efficient in the world.
A new generation capacity control system is installed at the compressor inlet. The energy-efficient 'Varion' intake valve optimally controls the compressor capacity during start-up, normal operation and shutdown.
Horizon's direct drive ensures efficeint power transmission and constant FAD for its life. Unlike belt-driven screw compressors, there is no power loss and belt slippage. The drive is maintenance-free for life.
Over the years, ELGI has perfected the 'OSBID' process (Oil Separatio By Impact and Deceleration) which enables efficient separation of air and oil, with minimum pressure drop. This process results in consistent quality of air, specifically during the working cycle and uploading. The oil carry-over level is consistently less than 2 ppm with the OSBID process. ELGI guarantees* the OSBID process for the life of the compressors
Bulk water remains in compressed air at varying levels, depending on the humidity level of inlet air. This bulk water causes corrosion of piping, end tools, machinery and valves. every HORIZON series air compressor has a custom-designed centrifugal type moisture separator with an automatic drain at the outlet of the after cooler. This comes as a part of the package at no extra cost, and removes over 99% of bulk water from the compressed air, resulting in corrosion free, longer life of end use equipments and less load on the dryer.
HORIZON Series Compressors are tropicalised to perform at high ambient temperatures - from hot summer to cold winter and fro dry to extremely humid conditions. Each package is crafted to the highest standards. All this, in a sleek, elegant, compact design that saves valuable shopfloor space.
Microcontroller based control unit
Compatible and user-friendly
Simple alpha - numerical screen
Scroll button to monitor operating parameters
Redouts of pressure and temperature
On-demand readous of all operating and maintenance conditions
Safety shutdowns
Power failure auto re-start
Dual control
The Horizon models are built with maximum safety built-in tripping / warnings to ensure trouble free operation with microcontroller option.
Trip provisions
Emergency stop
Main motor over loading
Cooler motor over looking
High discharge air-oil temperature
Warning Signals
Separator element replacement
Oil filter replacement
Custom made solid state MIMIC electronic annunication panel gives fault indication for easy maintenance.