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The most powerful hand operated demolishing TECHNIQUE Splitting force of over 350 tons as breaking force effective than any large or small impact breakers.  
An Only Substitute where Blasting is not Allowed.
Hydraulic Splitters can work under water without any Modifications.
Two Cylinders can Produce up to 900 Tons of Splitting Force.
Up To Five Splitters can be operated Simultaneously on one pump.
The Splitter is powered by a special pump. The cyl. Contains control valve & a piston that moves the center wedge that moves between the two counter wedges. The set of Wedges is placed into the drilled hole. After giving a forward stoke the center wedge moves between the two counter wedges forcing two counter wedges forcing them agains the wall of the hole when the expansion force increases beyond the tensile strength of the material (rock/concrete) the crack is developed. The reverse & forward stroke of pisto is controlled by a single control lever. On the top of the splitter an automatic valve reduces pressure on the total Hydraulic system immediately after the break.
Pneumatic breakers or mounted breakers break concrete or rock into small pieces.
Site cleaning needs more time.
Noisy demolition technique.
Requires more time, energy & expensive.
Large pieces which your equipment can handle are broken in seconds.
Site cleaning is easy & fast.
Noiseless demolition technique.
Fast & Economical.
Three Splitters powered by one single pump being used in a granite quarry. Splitting force over 1100 tons.
Concrete wall being broken to pices using two splitters. Demolition was fastest as compared to any other demolition method.